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Ambrys community Cafe


Follow up to emergency meeting: 16/03/2020

Ambry’s Community Café Update

We know you are missing us- we miss you too- but sadly we have to remain closed.

We are regularly reviewing the Covid 19 restrictions and will reopen as soon as it is safe for customers and volunteers.

We haven’t given up hope and we will be reopening; we just can’t give a date at the moment.

Please continue to check our Facebook pages and online for all the latest updates.

Ambry’s Community Café Committee.

Whilst this is obviously good news and we were happy to hear it, we have, having read the extensive government guidance and having thoroughly assessed our situation, come to the conclusion that we are sadly unable to reopen at the moment.

We know that this will be disappointing to both customers and volunteers alike, but please be assured that we are acting in all of our best interests. The café is just not designed with rigid social distancing in mind, and even the new “1 m plus with mitigation” would be too difficult to achieve at present. 

Ambry’s is a social space as well as a café, which is part of its uniqueness, and this cannot be offered at the moment.

It is with a view to moving forward that we are continually reviewing and assessing our working practices and as soon as we are satisfied that we can be safe and comply with the government’s guidelines, we will reopen.

Until then please check our social media and webpage for updates.

We are so looking forward to when we can open our doors and be Ambry’s Community Cafe once again.

Something to think about:

We are always looking for volunteers, especially those who are interested in cooking or front of house roles, whilst we realise that this may be sometime before the Cafe reopens, we are thinking ahead! 

If you or any of your family are interested and have some time to spare why not consider us? 

You can contact Catherine Chandler via a direct message on our Cafe Facebook Page or group, and she will get back to you. 

In order to protect our volunteers and customers it has sadly been decided to close Ambry’s

Community Café until further notice.

It is a fast-evolving situation which we are trying to keep on top of every day.

Social distancing in a café as small as ours is not practicable although, as previously stated, we are committed to the highest of hygiene standards, it is difficult to maintain the large distances between customers and staff that are being advised.

This temporary closure will be reviewed on a weekly basis and as soon as it is deemed safe,

we will re-open.

We hope that this closure will not last long and we want to stress that WE ARE NOT CLOSING FOR EVER.

We will need our customers when we come back, and we are very hopeful that this will only be a short closure.

In the meantime, we are exploring ways in which Ambry’s premises may be able to help in the local community, without running a café service.

We will update our social media if and when we are able to offer some practical help to those who are vulnerable. We hope to liaise will the local community, councillors and relevant groups. PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE.

I would like to thank everyone who supports us, our volunteers, customers, friends and local businesses.

We are sad that we are leaving you, but we are GOING TO BE BACK.

Please check our social media pages and website for updates.

Many thanks and see you all again soon,

Ambry’s Community Café Management Committee.